'It would be closure': Victim's family reacts after FBI investigation announced into former Gov. Bevin's pardons

Published: Jan. 2, 2020 at 11:44 PM EST
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Representative Chris Harris and Senate Minority Leader Morgan McGarvey asked for the investigation weeks ago.

The investigation is focused on the pardon of Patrick Baker, who was convicted of reckless homicide.

He was described as the "trigger man" in the death of Donald Mills.

Melinda Mills, the sister of Donald Mills, says May 9, 2014 lives with her forever. She discovered her brother's death as she was scrolling through social media.

"It was unreal believing it and then you know you started getting private messages from everybody and they're like you know we know stuffs on social media is it true or not? Well, I didn't know," said Mills.

Trails went on for four years and finally after Baker was convicted of killing her brother she had some peace.

"We thought we had everything behind us until it came up for parole hearings and unfortunately it come up before that," said Mills.

Just a few weeks ago, Baker's pardon from Bevin was announced.

"He just had a little smirky smile and everybody knows he's guilty. We all know that's involved. The state police knows he's guilty. We all know it because the evidence is there to back it up," said Mills.

Mills is hoping the FBI investigation will turn this for good.

"It would be closure. It would be like all the pieces to the puzzle fitting together," said Mills. "We hope and pray that you know he gets more time that he got during the actual trial and in the state case and now that it's federal that there could be a lot more changes."

She wants investigations to end by January 28.

"That would be his 35th birthday...and I'd love to see it come out by then," said Mills.

We do not know when the investigations will start. Cameron has said his office is willing to assist in any way.