Is it legal? Protesters frustrated by limited access to Kentucky Capitol

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Are the actions of government officials in Frankfort violating the basics of the Constitution? A group of protesters thinks so.


Protestors with the Poor People's Campaign voiced their frustration Wednesday after they were denied access to the Capitol building June 4. Police only allowed two people to enter the building at a time, instead of the several hundreds of people that showed up at the time.

Our sister station WKYT sent a reporter to find out if that was legal.

"Your governor and those who are doing this blocking are intent on violating the basics of the constitution," said Reverend William Barber, a member of the Campaign. "The right to freedom of speech, you don't have to get permission, you don't have to ask somebody to freely speak inside the people's house."

Lawmakers asked Attorney General Andy Beshear for his opinion on the matter.

"We can't opine on the legality because we've been asked to give that opinion, but this is the state capitol and surely if there have been any issues they can be resolved in a way that allows people who showed up at their state capitol to come inside," said Beshear.

Kentucky State Police Commissioner Rick Sanders said the security policy was due to past problems with the group, not their message.

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