Inez Motel and Restaurant to be renovated into drug rehabilitation center

Published: Apr. 24, 2019 at 7:09 PM EDT
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A rough past does not mean a rocky future.

Built in 1977, the Inez Motel and Resturant does not have a clean reputation.

In the past, we have reported multiple drug arrests inside.

But now, a group in Martin County is hoping to revamp the abandoned business.

"We're pumped about it," said Board President Casey Carver.

Carver is the pastor at Inez First Baptist Church.

A local family who purchased the motel gave the property to Carver and told him to "find a need and fill it."

Many people can relate to the motel's past.

"There's not a person in this area who hasn't had a family member or friend who hasn't been affected by the drug crisis in our area," said Steven Goble.

Carver, Goble, and a team of five other board members have big plans for the small community.

Members of the board met with some citizens last year in March to talk about the community's issues. Drugs and addiction quickly became the topic of discussion.

Collectively, they plan to renovate the old business into a drug rehabilitation center.

The group is calling it "God's Connection."

Carver told WYMT, four churches have a hand on this project.

"I would tend to agree that it's only been through God that we are able to see this actually come to life at the moment," Carver pointed out.

The center is faith-based and will not give out any medication, using only religion to heal those addicted to drugs.

"Through the cross is where anyone can find absolute healing," said Carver.

"God's Connection" will be a 30-day program.

Membership is $300.

"No one stands a chance being able to get clean or to be able to be fully recovered unless they're pointed towards the cross," Carver said.

The center will also run on donations.

"Right now, in all honesty, we're hoping people will just give out of the abundance of their heart," said Carver.

Carver said this center will fill a void for the community.

"Just hoping that they see that there is a need, which I see, most of Kentucky and even within the country can see right now that there is a need for drug rehabilitation," explained Carver.

Goble said seeing the sign on the metal fence gives them hope and a positive feeling.

In addition to the rehabilitation center, they also plan to add a coffee shop to the mix.

Carver explained the coffee shop will be called "Dry Bones."

"As we go forward, allowing those people to contribute to the community by making this more of a multi-use facility," said Goble.

They also plan to eventually add a food pantry and a free clothing store.

"You have to kind of supply people's physical needs before you can help them heal," explained Goble.

Carver told WYMT, the structure is stable. Only cosmetic work will be needed to renovate the facility.

"It is just going to be a little bit of elbow grease and TLC in order to be able to do it," added Carver.

In a few months, the group plans to open the coffee shop portion.

"Maybe around October or November, somewhere around through there, we will be able to begin to actually look at opening the drug rehab side of it," said Carver.

The motel is located downtown Inez, across from the Roy F. Collier Community Center.

"It's really an ideal location in Inez. It's a shame that it hasn't been put to a more productive use at this point, Goble pointed out.

You can send donations for the rehabilitation center to P.O. Box 690, Inez Ky 41224.