Indictments detail 200+ counts of criminal, sexual abuse in Perry County

Published: Oct. 5, 2017 at 11:04 AM EDT
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State police arrested a woman accused of criminal abuse Thursday morning in Breathitt County.

An indictment details 101 counts of alleged criminal abuse by Tiffany Walsh that happened in Perry County.

Walsh is accused of allowing a man, Jordan Otis, to rape and abuse four girls. Walsh allegedly locked the girls in closets, beat them with clothes hangers and forced them to write journals accusing people other than Otis of raping them.

Otis was indicted earlier this year for 105 counts of rape, sexual abuse and criminal abuse.

The father of some of the victims spoke to our sister station,

. He did not want to be identified.

He is in disbelief after his children came forward saying they were sexually assaulted.

"It's been the worst nightmare a father could ever go through, for sure," the father said. "I couldn't imagine how hard it was for them to come forward from what they've been through. If you guys knew everything you'd probably sit down and cry."

The father hopes his children will be able to move past this.

"I hope they get the punishment they deserve. I hope the girls recover."

For now, he is learning to get through the situation by showing love.

"Give them the love and comfort that they need, let them try new things. You honestly don't know what to do or say because there's no script on it."