Indian businessman visits Kentucky Reptile Zoo to learn venom extraction methods

SLADE, Ky. (WKYT) - Known across the U.S. for its work regarding humane extraction of venom from dangerous snakes, the Kentucky Reptile Zoo in Slade received a visit from Indian businessman Saurabh Ray, according to sister station WKYT.

Photo: Kentucky Reptile Zoo

The process is extremely delicate and highly dangerous, but comes with other concerns that pop up anywhere large numbers of animals are kept.

"Keeping a large number of animals has a lot of the same concerns, no matter what kind of animal it is," says zoo employee Kristen Wiley. "Whether you're keeping a large number of chickens or a large number of snakes, there's still things like disease control that you have to think about."

Ray came to the mountains on behalf of his company to learn extraction methods. He expects to stay for a week or so before heading back to India to continue expanding their operation to keep the people of India safe.

According to World Health Organization reports, India is among the leading countries for snakebite-related deaths and injuries.