Back roads in Laurel County remain slick, traffic on I-75 moving slow

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LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) Friday night the rain falling on much of Eastern Kentucky transitioned into snow in Laurel County. Overnight wet spots became ice as road crews in London worked to clear the traveling routes like I-75.

Many of the back roads and parking lots remain covered in snow and ice. Officials with Kentucky State Police in London told WYMT they had no severe crashes overnight but still urge people to drive with caution.
Drivers in Laurel County say they have had to take extra measures while driving in this weather.

"We had to pull out the four wheel drive y'know, we came back to get some pizza so we'll see how it is I guess, we haven't been too far, about a mile or so. It rained earlier first and turned into ice so that's always more dangerous," said Landon Harris who was driving with some friends.

Others who are prepped roads overnight said they are prepared for this weather.

"That'll help, have a 4-wheel drive so we got fifty pounds, fifty bags of salt so it's supposed to hit hard so we're gonna lay it to it, we even got snow blowers and everything," said Cody Collins, a contractor.

Officials in Williamsburg tell WYMT that the I-75 traffic is slower, but still moving. They said the back roads are much more slick and dangerous.

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