Hundreds of former Conn clients begin getting monthly benefits back

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(WYMT) - Wednesday, the Social Security Administration began distributing monthly benefits and “more substantial” backpay for more than 200 former clients of Eric C. Conn.

"It's just a huge weight being lifted off of people's shoulders," said Evan Smith with Appalred Legal Aid.

About 800 of Conn’s former clients went nearly three years without their benefits.

"The federal judges ruled the social security administration violated their constitutional rights so the people that lost their benefits through that process are finally getting them restored," said Smith.

In the summer of this year, five federal judges in separate rulings ordered benefits reinstated to hundreds of those former clients.

Attorney Ned Pillersdorf estimates refunds for the clients exceeds $20 million.

 A new class-action lawsuit was filed in late September  in an attempt to get benefits back for the rest of the clients.

Both Smith and Ned Pillersdorf tell clients getting their benefits back to not publicize that they had their money returned. If they receive a call from the Social Security Administration or IRS, be wary because it could, and most likely is, a scam. If they have questions they can call their attorney or call the Kentucky Attorney General's office at 888-432-9257.

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