How to stay safe on the roads with cold, snowy night ahead

Published: Dec. 10, 2019 at 5:10 PM EST
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Snow in Laurel County could impact road conditions Tuesday evening.

More snow and cold conditions are expected throughout Southeastern Kentucky.

about what to keep in mind with the approaching weather.

"What we recommend, number one, is to make sure your vehicle is road-worthy," said Laurel County Public Affairs Deputy Gilbert Acciardo. "And the things we see a vehicle have problems with are tires, hoses and belts. Those are the easiest things to check. Make sure you keep those in good shape and your car road-worthy. That's step one."

Step two is to keep windshields and windows clear of ice. Step three is to take it slow on the roads.

"You've got to slow down for snow and ice. There's no vehicles, even four-wheel drives, that can go on snow and ice as well as they can on dry pavement," Acciardo said.

Paying attention to changing road conditions can save your life.

"You can be driving along on dry pavement and pop around a curve or top a hillcrest and there's water on the roadway that's frozen," Acciardo said. "And sometimes it's black ice and it don't look like it's slick but it is slick. So you just need to be aware that things are going to get slick tonight."

Also, do not forget to buckle up any time you are on the roads, no matter the conditions. Make sure you slow down for road crews and give them room to work.

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