How to set up closing notifications on your WYMT app

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(WYMT) - Your alarm goes off at 5 a.m. Your toes curl when they hit the chilly floor and you look out the frostbitten window. No snow... but you know it's cold enough that the roads might be icy. School was still on as of last night, but you know that might change at any moment.

Your mind is running through the things you have to do to get yourself and your family ready for the day. You don't have time to watch the school closings scroll across the bottom of your TV screen or check every five minutes. If only you had set up your WYMT app to notify you the instant schools decide to call it off for the day...

Don't worry! Here are step-by-step instructions to customize closing notifications on your phone:

1) Open the WYMT app and click on the Settings tab. (The gear shape in the top right corner next to the bell shape.)

2) Scroll down until you see the Closings tab under Notification Preferences and select it.

3) Type in the name of the school, business or church you want to get notifications about. Then select the button to the right of the name so that it turns green.

And that's it! You can set up as many notifications as you would like following these three simple steps. Scroll to the bottom of this article for pictures of each step.

If you need more assistance, call the newsroom at 606-439-9968.

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