Limited time: How to save on EZ Pass in West Virginia

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CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- West Virginia drivers have limited time to take advantage of a deal to save money on the roads.

It comes after the W.Va. Parkways Authority approved doubling the toll rate back in June. Starting Jan. 1, according to officials, tolls will go from $2 to $4. The EZ Pass program is also changing.

Drivers can take advantage of a deal through the end of 2018 to save on EZ Pass costs over the next three years

W.Va. Parkways Authority officials say drivers who already have EZ Pass will automatically be enrolled in a program costing $24 for unlimited use over the next three years. The authority will notify drivers of the new fee by letter.

Anyone who does not currently have an EZ Pass can still take advantage of the $24 unlimited program by signing up for EZ Pass as soon as possible.

Officials with the West Virginia Governor's Office tell WSAZ that anyone can sign up for the unlimited three-year program beginning Sept.15 through Dec. 31 at a cost of $24 for the EZ Pass, plus $13 for the EZ Pass transponder.

Anyone looking to save a few extra dollars can sign up for one of the existing plans before Sept. 15 and avoid the $13 transponder fee. The account will automatically switch to the unlimited three-year program on Sept. 15. That being said, officials say there is still a minimal $5 transponder fee associated with that early option.

Beginning Jan. of 2019, anyone looking to purchase a pass can pay $25 per year for unlimited toll use.

After 2021, all drivers will pay $25 a year for the EZ Pass.

Gov. Jim Justice's Office says to call this number if you have any questions: 1-800-206-6222.

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