How does social distancing slow the spread? LEGOs give us the answer.

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(WYMT) - We hear it everyday.

Junior (middle) went out with some friends. Junior doesn't know it, but he has COVID-19.

We need to "social distance" ourselves so we "slow the spread" and "flatten the curve."

How does that all work though? How quickly can this virus spread?

COVID-19 has an R0 (pronounced r-naught) of 2.2, essentially what that means is a person who has the virus can spread it to 2.2 other people.

If you were to track one person using that R0, even if that person just went out and broke those guidelines once, what could the impact be if he/she had it?

The best way to explain is with LEGOs.

(Thanks to the Challenger Center and a member of the community for the supply of LEGOs).