How changing temperatures may affect your plants

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 4:55 PM EST
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As the weather fluctuates between spring-like and winter-like temperatures this week, your plants may be just as confused as you are.

about the effects on the local plant life. Some flowers are already pushing through the soil, especially those that start as bulbs.

"They pop up early every year. They'll pop up and bloom in the snow," said Dave Raines from Wilson Nurseries. "This happens all the time where we go through warm spells and then it gets cold again, then it gets warm again. Most everything is going to come out fine."

Raines said this is a good time to fertilize your plants, and do not worry if your plants get a little frost on the tips.

"There's going to be some burnt tips every once in a while if there's a few flowers coming out early. The other day I saw a pear tree that looked like it was going to bloom the other day. Flowers might get frosted a bit, but overall it's not going to hurt that big ole' tree," Raines assured.

Plants native to Kentucky are particularly prepared for these types of weather changes.

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