House explosion and fire send one person to hospital

Published: Apr. 13, 2016 at 6:10 AM EDT
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Tuesday night, firefighters in Lawrence County worked to put out a house fire that started after an explosion.

"When we arrived it was fully engulfed in flames," said Robert Waybright. "The roof was gone, most of it. The front of the building was gone off of it, the porch and stuff."

One neighbor said she did not hear the explosion from inside of her home but it did not take long for her to see the flames.

"I seen a bunch of people out on the walk and cars kept coming up the street and I decided I'd walk out and see what's happening," said Sandra Jobe, who lives near the home that exploded. "Quick as I got half-way up the sidewalk I saw the flames coming out of the house."

Officials are not sure what caused the explosion near Louisa Elementary School on Boone Street but they believe a gas leak may be to blame.

"The school was not in no danger at all," said Waybright.

Jobe said many in the neighborhood hoped no one was home when the house exploded.

"We're a caring bunch of people here in this area, I think you know, we were wondering what happened and if everyone was okay," Jobe added.

First responders airlifted one person to the hospital.