'Hopefully the result isn't the same': Harlan County prepares for the next round of flooding

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Just one week after a flood that damaged many homes across Southeastern Kentucky, counties are yet again preparing for another potential flood.

The flood projections this week are eerily similar to those last week.

"Hopefully the result isn't the same," said Harlan County Judge Executive Dan Mosley.

Mosley says even though Harlan County is in recovery mode, they are ready for what Wednesday night might bring.

"We're ready to go again it's just unfortunate that it's a week from the time that we pumped 87 million gallons out of there between Thursday and Friday of last week," said Mosley.

They have tested the pumps, equipment and made sure the flood gates are ready to close yet again.

"We're taking it very seriously," said Mosley.

Mosley says those who flooded last week need to be weather aware.

"If you live in a flood prone area it pays to get up several times through the night to check to see what's going on," said Mosley.

The American Red Cross has set up their home base in Harlan. They are helping those in Harlan, Knox, Bell and Whitley Counties.

"We've been doing distribution of emergency supplies so bringing out water, cleanup kits, comfort items," said Jim Mistretta the assistant director of operations.

The shelters are ready to reopen if the need arises.

"We've got folks on standby to do that as well as to go out and do damage assessment again," said Mistretta.

Officials are warning people to check on the river level through the night and get to higher ground before any situation becomes emergent.

A Lexington church is also stepping up to help flood victims in Harlan County. This is not the first time they have served the area.

Heritage Baptist Church is collecting all kinds of supplies. They helped during the Blackjewel protest. They have joined the group With Love From Harlan. The donations will be brought to Eastern Kentucky this weekend.