Flood waters force people at Clay County homeless shelter to relocate

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MANCHESTER, Ky. (WYMT) - As the rain poured down Sunday night, the water rose quickly in downtown Manchester.

"I've been here thirty years and I never have seen it rain like it did last night," said Director of Warm Souls for Warn Soles Ken Bolin.

It's not a sight anyone at the town's only homeless shelter ever wanted to see.

"One of the residents here woke us up and said we have water in the floor," said Tristian Harris, who was volunteering at the shelter Sunday night.

The torrential rain pounding on the street and running down the mountain scared those who were staying at the shelter.

"We looked outside and the whole road was covered," explained Harris.

After getting a call at 2:45 in the morning Bolin rushed to check things out. When he got there he knew that it wasn't the best idea to have people stay inside the building.

"Heritage Inn graciously opened their doors so we could bring our residents there," added Bolin.

With damage to only a few minor items, Bolin says he hopes to get everything cleaned up and back open Tuesday night or Wednesday morning.

Other parts of Clay County also saw rising water levels. Click here to see photos. 

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