Home health nurse pleads guilty to stealing from elderly patient

WISE CO., Va. (WYMT) - A home health nurse pleaded guilty to stealing, credit card fraud and forgery Wednesday in the Wise County Circuit Court.

Officials say Wendy Goad, 38, was a substitute home health care nurse for an elderly woman in July 2017.

Goad took two bags of the elderly woman's belongings out of her house. Goad then moved the patient somewhere else and returned to the house to take more items.

Officials say the elderly woman also gave Goad her credit card to buy groceries. Goad used the card at multiple locations, including a $495 purchase at WalMart, and signed the patient's name.

Commonwealth's Attorney Chuck Slemp said, “We continue our efforts to protect seniors from abuse and financial exploitation crimes. It is even more troubling in cases like this, when a nurse is being paid to provide medical care for someone and violates that trust by exploiting the vulnerability of an elderly victim.”

Goad was charged with grand larceny, credit card fraud and credit card forgery. Her sentence will be determined by a judge at a hearing.

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