Hollywood actress makes donation to eastern Kentucky organization

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky (WYMT) - TV actress Gwendoline Yeo made a substantial donation to Christian Appalachian Project this week.

CAP is an organization that helps people in eastern Kentucky, like Eunice Stapleton.

"{CAP} put in new windows, a new door, and a ceiling," Stapleton added. "They painted the ceiling. They fixed the porches, they don't that before they did this, and then they fixed the back porch."

Their work caught the eye of Yeo, who appeared on several tv shows including Desperate Housewives after she watched a documentary on the region.

"What I realized was CAP is very much the silent hero of eastern Kentucky," Yeo said.

After learning how the organization helps those in the mountains she wanted to help.

"It doesn't matter where the poorest are," Yeo said. "If there are poor Americans, I just feel the need to give back because this country has given so much to me."

On Monday, Yeo spent time with Eunice Stapleton in Johnson County.

She also met a group of volunteers repairing a home for six children and their parents.

"They really do provide a lot of services for the elderly, for the kids in school, and building homes for people to keep them warm and safe during the harsher winters," Yeo added.

It is those services Yeo hopes will continue, that is why she opened her heart and wallet to support CAP's mission.

Yeo did not say how much she donated to CAP, but officials there said she is one of the organization's top donors.

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