Hiker rescued after falling down 50-foot embankment

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JESSAMINE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) - Search and rescue crews worked to locate a stranded hiker in Jessamine County Wednesday afternoon.

Sister station WKYT reports around 1 p.m. emergency crews were notified about a stranded hiker who fell down a 50-foot embankment at the Jessamine Creek Gorge.

The hiker was conscious and was able to move her extremities.

A medical helicopter was brought in along with special equipment to reach the hiker. It took them four hours to get her to safety.

First responders said the woman was looking for a popular waterfall, but fell in an extremely secluded area.

First Lieutenant Drew Myer with the U.S. Army National Guard was the pilot flying the helicopter.

"So yesterday [Wednesday] was my first rescue. It feels fantastic. It feels like I'm giving back in the way I want to," said Myer. "Training all pays off. Just the development of the team and just being able to know folks and see faces that you are familiar with."

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