Higher elevations see snow in Eastern Kentucky

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 7:27 PM EST
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While many towns saw a lot of rain and not that much snow, many places in higher elevations racked up inches of snow.

Pine Mountain in Letcher County was one of the multiple areas to see snow stick.

"Overall, because the snow was only in the upper elevations we didn't have that many issues at all, thank goodness," said Letcher County Deputy Judge Jason Back.

Back was out along the roads early Monday morning. He says around 5:30 a.m. the temperature was just about 32 degrees.

"We actually dodged a huge bullet, the temperature stayed just warm enough to prevent us from having some huge issues," he added. "It kind of had us all on pins and needles for a while because we knew if it dropped a few more degrees we'd be in trouble."

Others drove along US-119, hoping to get a scenic picture showing the snowfall. Unfortunately, the snowfall created less visibility on the mountain.

"It was pretty hairy I'm a telling you," said Doris Adams, who was driven up to the top. "Stay home, because it's absolutely beautiful up here but it's dangerous on the roads."

County officials add that going into Tuesday, drivers should still be aware of road conditions in the higher elevations. They also add to keep an eye out on branches falling and breaking as heavy snow puts pressure on them.

"I would encourage everybody to plan on driving very carefully, taking a few extra minutes and arriving there safely," added Back.

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