High school students becoming certified drone pilots

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PAINTSVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) - Paintsville High School is bringing in a program you do not think you would see in a high school classroom.

They partnered with the Hazard Community and Technical College to bring in a program called unmanned systems technology that will certify students to fly drones.

"It is so important for students in high school to be able to explore multiple opportunities to figure out what they want to do with their lives," said Jennifer Lindon the president of HCTC.

Superintendent David Gibson created the partnership.

"Obviously the technology world is changing everyday and our kids are ahead of it and are able to do things that to be honest with you just ten years ago we weren't even thinking about," said Gibson.

This program gives students the chance to become certified drone pilots.

"It's really impressive to know that our kids are going to be able to fly drones the same as some of the pilots in the Air Force are doing," said Gibson.

Many question what careers are available with the certification, but the opportunities are endless.

Drone pilots can go into careers in agriculture, criminal justice, and even the medical field.

"I think the field is wide open and while it's a new field, it's an emerging field and certainly the technologies are improving and I think people will continue to see opportunities for employment in the mountains with drone technologies," said Lindon.

Gibson says many are interested in the program.

They will do online class work at the high school and have occasional work force training at HCTC.

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