'Hero' firefighter goes on final ride as family and friends remember his life

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QUICKSAND, Ky. (WYMT) - To the men and women who worked with him and knew him best, he will be remembered as a hero and selfless leader.

Robert Lee "Bobby" Moore died Sunday at the age of 61.

People who worked with Moore say he spent decades working as an EMT and volunteer firefighter before becoming chief of the Quicksand Fire Department.

Wednesday, firefighters from across the region, many of whom worked with Moore, took Moore on one final ride.

"This is the last call for Unit 301, Chief Robert Moore. Goodnight dear friend. You will be deeply missed. May you rest in eternal peace", the scanners echoed.

For Moore, friends say it was not about the money or attention, they say he volunteered his time because he loved helping people in need.

"Money was never a thing for him. It was the fact of being able to help somebody knowing he could and was there when he was able", said Christopher Combs, who grew up learning from Moore.

Combs' father died working as a firefighter when Combs was young. He says he quickly began looking up to Moore who was a great mentor and father figure.

"When my father passed, Bobby took over Watts (Fire Department), and that's when Bobby came into my life. Me and Bobby have been close ever since. It's been over 10 years I've been trailing behind Bobby's footsteps", said Combs.

The chaplain of the fire department says he first began volunteering alongside Bobby. He still remembers the first call he ever went on. Randy Adams says Bobby turned to God before they drove the truck over a bridge that was in disrepair.

"There used to be an old rickety bridge that would sway a little bit when you took a fire truck across because fire trucks are pretty heavy with water in it an all. And it was just me and Bobby", said Randy Adams, the Chaplain of the Quicksand Fire Department. "We got to the edge of the bridge and he looked at me with a big smile on his face and said, 'we're going to pray'. And with that smile on his face, he drove across that bridge because we had to get to a fire on the other side. That's the kind of man he was."

Adams says Moore dedicated his life to volunteering and serving others.

"His positive attitude. He was such a kind guy. Just really loved what he did", said Adams. "He loved the fire service, spent most of his life in it. And he just really cared about his people."

Adams says Moore will always be remembered as a man who cared for others and always had their back.

"When you're entering into a building, you can't see anything. And you don't know what's around that corner. And you have to trust the person next to you", said Adams.

And Adams says for many, including himself, that person was Bobby.

Even in his declining health, Moore served as fire chief of the volunteer fire department until his death.

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