Health officials give advice after restaurant worker diagnosed with hepatitis A

SOMERSET, Ky. (WYMT) - Health officials have advice for restaurant customers after an employee at the Zaxby's in Somerset was diagnosed with hepatitis A.


The manager of the restaurant said the employee has worked at the Zaxby's off US 27 for about a year and a half and was involved in food preparation. The employee got sick Saturday and on Monday was diagnosed with hepatitis A.

The manager, Billy Poteet, said they immediately called the health department and a cleaning and sanitation unit. Four inspectors and a doctor with the health department were called in. The store has now been thoroughly sanitized.

This is one of seven cases of hepatitis A in Pulaski County, which is why health officials are encouraging people to get vaccinated.

"Pharmacies have it, health departments have it, I don't know about doctor's offices. But it should be easily found," said Dr. Christine Wyman, Lake Cumberland District Health Department. "We have had several restaurants who have had hepatitis A, but no patrons who became infected."

Health officials also remind people of the importance of good hand washing especially after using the restroom, as hepatitis A is spread when a person unknowingly ingests the virus from objects, food or drinks that were contaminated.

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