Hazard students test out Perry County's 'Healthy Mile'

Published: Apr. 11, 2019 at 4:48 PM EDT
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A busload of Hazard Independent students walked along the new "Healthy Mile," a project brought to Perry County by a Community Leadership of Kentucky grant.

The grant came through the UK Center of Rural Health.

Ben Braman, Perry County's trail developer and designer, says this grant is designed to help community leaders develop projects benefiting the community in a healthy way.

He says the mile-long trail connects the library to local shopping and health care providers.

"The nuts and bolts of it are finished," he said. "This walking loop is open, it's safe. We have speed bumps and crosswalks. It will progress over time with benches, some landscaping, and hopefully, some sponsored fitness stations along the route."

Walkers can access the trail in front of the ARH Medical Mall. The trail takes you through the mall's vascular testing center and continues around to a safe crosswalk across from the library.