Hazard students create program to help first responders save lives

Published: Jan. 18, 2019 at 4:53 PM EST
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A group of Hazard High School students are working on a program they hope will help save lives. Thanks to an innovation grant from the Kentucky Valley Educational Cooperative or KVEC, the student started a business revolving around creating 3D floor plans of schools, businesses and other large building.

"It started out as us showing students around the school then we got the idea, first responders can use it," said Dakota Sharpey, a member of the team.

The program is called RAPID, that stands for rapid access product for information delivery. It's been in the works for nearly two years.

"The goal of our company is to cut down response time for first responders in case of emergencies like a shooting," said Jared Hoskins, another member of the team. "There's not many schools around here doing projects like this."

What the students with RAPID do is create 3D floor plans and give them to first responders. Those first responders can use that for anything from a shooting to a fire.

"Schools, banks, anywhere that's a large business that's gonna be largely populated," said RAPID member Shelbi Ritchie.

"What we're doing is creating 3D models of schools and different buildings for first responders to use during emergencies," added Laura Hanna, another student with the project.

The files can be viewed in a VR headset too, this way first responders can train and understand the layout of a building without even having to be there.

"The files can be sent directly from their dispatch," said John Handshoe, the teacher lead over the project. "The main point in all of this was to reduce response time."

Handshoe has been with the program since the start, he's excited to see where it will go.

"Students have done all the work, I mean they've done the majority of the work and that for me, that's the high point, yeah," he said.

Students with the project will be at the Student Technology Leadership Program competition at the East Kentucky Expo Center on Jan. 23.

They will also present at the Morehead Entrepreneurial Competition on Jan. 24.