'Not safe': Hazard officials begin condemning buildings with multiple code violations

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - In June, the city of Hazard issued 45 notices to building and property owners that had buildings that were not up to code. In 2018 the city created a codes board to oversee that buildings were maintained.

The notices gave owners the chance to fix the code violations or show the provide the city plans to fix the violations.

In the last couple days, officials in Hazard began cracking down on properties that are still not up to code.

"In order to get businesses here, in order to get people to move back here we're gonna have to do this," said Police and Fire Commissioner Tony Eversole.

One of the first properties condemned was a building along Memorial Drive near downtown Hazard.

"We've condemned one [property] up in the backwoods, we've done this one now," Eversole added, pointing out the building along Memorial Drive. "Even the state red-tagged it, it's not safe for occupancy."

Eversole said there were multiple code violations along with other issues with the property.

"Well, we received lots of drug complaints. Tons of arrests were made here, people walking out into the street, falling out into the street, we've executed a couple search warrants here," he said.

Eversole said the Red Cross was notified before the condemnation, along with a homeless shelter in another county. Those who needed help that were told to leave the building were given it, he added.

There are several other buildings Eversole said could go through similar fates.

"Either the owner has to bring it back up to code or we're gonna ask for an order to demolish it," he said.