Hazard Independent Schools close for Thursday and Friday

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) - School officials with Hazard Independent Schools decided on Wednesday to close for Thursday and Friday citing low attendance.

Superintendent Sondra Combs said attendance has been very low for the past couple of days.

"It dropped way below the 90 percent that we try to aim for," said Combs.

Officials decided it was better to call off school so staff and students could get well.

"The health and wellness of our students comes number one," said Combs.

During the cold and flu months, sickness is like a never-ending battle.

"It seems like this flu season that we get a handle on it [attendance], it's like it circles back around and then we're sick again," said Combs.

School officials hope the time off will allow students and staff to get well.