Memorial Day Weekend: Are you traveling?

LONDON, Ky. (WYMT) - For the first time in 20 years, AAA did not issue a Memorial Day Travel Forecast, most expecting to see near-record low for travel volume.

The forecast estimates the number of people traveling during the holiday weekend. Last year 43 million Americans traveled, which was the second-highest volume since AAA started tracking traffic twenty years ago.

With the state's reopening of restaurants and the upcoming holiday weekend traffic on the road actually increased.

Gas prices have risen to just below $1.80. Yet travelers say the roads are not too crowded.

Terrace Mahone and her family are traveling from Detroit, Michigan.

"We have been on the road about two and a half three hours now," she said.

Despite the on and off rain most travelers are from out of state. Where their state may still not have opened up and have restrictions on travel.

"It felt good because at home we still are on lockdown."

Mahone and her family just left Tennessee. One of the epicenters of COVID-19, but since then has opened back up.

"There is always concerns. We just continue to proceed with caution," said Terrace.

Just like Tom and Susan Dwyer, traveling from the Smoky Mountains back home to Illinois.

"No, I mean we are very careful. Always with the hand sanitizer constantly," said Susan.

They wanted to get out of the house. "More things were open there we were able to hike but we kind of stayed isolated."

Now hotels are even seeing more customers since opening up on May 1st.

"We have seen a lot of sales come in since then," said Rachel Johnson, an employee with Comfort Suites in London. It is just nice to talk to people from different states, and see how things are going there"

All being cautious but ready to enjoy outside.