Harlan County still dealing with cleanup a year after severe flooding

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HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - A year ago, severe flooding damaged homes, businesses, and roads throughout Eastern Kentucky.

Harlan County was no exception to the flooding.

"One of the worst floods we had since the '77 flood," said Harlan County Judge Executive Dan Mosley, referencing the flooding in February 2018.

Water from nearby streams and rivers spilled into homes, including the basement of Karen Pittman's daughter's home.

"When we had the flood last year, it got up over the bank and into my daughter's house," said Pittman.

And, it was not just homes that took a toll from the flooding, many roads tore apart

"We had multiple roads that had to be closed. We had numerous mudslide issues that impacted state and county roads," said Mosley.

The rain cost farmers crops too.

"The garden, it didn't do too good last year," said Pittman.

A year later, crews are still cleaning up some damage left behind.

"In fact, we are still in the process of making repairs to some of those areas that were impacted by that flood," said Mosley.

Bad weather kept hitting, with flooding again in June and plenty of rainfall throughout the year.

"The weather between this and last February has made it hard to get as many things done as we would have liked to have gotten done," said Mosley.

Mosley said crews are working on repairs as quickly as the weather will allow them, that work including damage to county roads.

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