Harlan County becomes 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - During the Harlan County Fiscal Court meeting Tuesday, one of the first items brought up was a resolution declaring Harlan County a 2nd Amendment Sanctuary county.

"Any time you see gun crimes occur, you're not seeing law-abiding citizens involved in those crimes," said Mosley. "We don't feel like that law-abiding citizens should be infringed upon. They have this right as guaranteed by the Constitution of this country," said Judge-Executive, Dan Mosley.

Mosley said the idea was brought to his attention by several people in Harlan County a few weeks ago.

"Folks who had saw what was going on in Virginia. And, many counties over there passed the resolution, declaring themselves as a sanctuary county for the Second Amendment," said Mosley.

He believes most people in Kentucky are "in-tune with their Second Amendment rights." One of those people is Robert Harmon, who came to the courtroom in support of the resolution passing.

"It's just a belief that I have and I've had it since I was a kid. If we keep letting people walk on us we won't have any rights at all, whatsoever," said Harmon.

House Bill 354 was pre-filed earlier this month. There is a chance it could be debated in the General Assembly this coming year. The bill would put more restrictions on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition feeding devices.

The declaration of the resolution met no opposition in the Harlan County Fiscal courtroom on Tuesday.

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