Harlan County High School raises $4,000 for Blackjewel miners

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HARLAN, Ky. (WYMT) - The Harlan County High School football team raised $4,000 for Blackjewel coal miners on Monday night.

They hosted a two mile "Coal Run" which took place at Harlan County High School.

"Our stadium is Coal Miners Memorial so they helped build this place so we wanted to help them," said Harlan County Football Coach Eddie Creech.

Creech knew that he wanted to help the coal miners who support his players.

"The majority of the people sitting in our bleachers on Friday night are coal miners, so we just, it's small but we just wanted to put something together to show them that we love them and support them and try to help them financially," said Creech.

The word of the fundraiser traveled to Harlan County Cross Country Coach Ryan Vitatoe.

"Him and his team decided they were going to jump in and then as the word got out the girls soccer team they joined in, and we expect a lot of people out from the public to join us here tonight too," said Creech.

Vitatoe set the course for the two mile run.

"I didn't put any of the big hills in there or anything like that, but we just utilized part of the course and just kept it right at two miles, cause it's more about, more than the race it's about what we're doing," said Vitatoe.

He knew it was a learning experience for his runners.

"It's important that I give back, and it's important that our kids recognize that," said Vitatoe. "It's what we leave in this world when it's over, it's not our money or our degrees or anything, it's about the impact that we made on others."

For Baili Boggs, it hit home.

"It means a lot to me cause my dad was a coal miner, and I know what it's like to grow up in that and just wanting to help out the community means a lot to me," said Boggs.

Her dad passed away several years ago, but she says he is always with her.

"I was just trying to tell myself to keep going, and I always tell myself 'Dad's with me running' and I tell myself that constantly because he always pushed me to my limits."

The money they raised will go to the non-profit With Love From Harlan.

One option for the money is food vouchers for the miners and their families.

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