Harlan County Bicentennial Festival concludes Saturday night

HARLAN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - The Harlan County Bicentennial Festival came to a close on Saturday.

One of the biggest things everyone was looking forward to, was trying to be one of the 600 people who got a piece of the bicentennial cake.

The cake took six days, more than 40 eggs, a countless amount of flour, 60 lbs of butter and all-together weighed around 150 lbs.

The baker, Brandi Romines is a Harlan native herself and designed each layer after something special to Harlan. One layer was Creech Overlook, one of her favorite landmarks

Even after living elsewhere for more than 20 years, asking to make the cake still brought tears to her eyes. She said the cake was a chance to connect to her roots.

"I'm from Cumberland and my mom was a Creech. And, that is Creech overlook. I wanted to sneak that in there as kind of an homage to her," said Creech.

Singer Jordan Smith also came home, saying it was a privilege to be asked to be a part of the once in a lifetime event.

"This is actually my first time being in my hometown since 'The Voice,' and being on the road and on tour. So, it's been an incredible night for me. Kind of like a homecoming to come back and experience this with my family and friends," said Smith.

When asked about any new projects in the works, Jordan told WYMT he is in the process.

"I do have a couple of projects that are kind of under wraps. Um, I am specifically writing for a new record and it's going to be completely different than I've done before. Which, I'm really excited about," said Smith.

The festival ended with fireworks in downtown Harlan.

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