Groundbreaking Christian rock band plays first Kentucky concert in nearly 30 years

Published: Jun. 20, 2016 at 5:41 PM EDT
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Fans waited outside the Hal Rogers Forum Friday for nearly an hour…waiting to get in to see a band that some haven’t seen in almost three decades.

“Their witness for God is clear. God is honoring them for being forthright in their witness,” said Drew McNeill, who traveled from Morehead to see them.

Stryper formed in 1984 in California. They last played Kentucky in 1988. But the band known for its bold stance on Christianity and their extremely loud, fast, and hard music has two dates in the Bluegrass this month.

“It’s a like a resurgence. It’s like a new beginning. Something feels different. It’s a good different,” said drummer Robert Sweet, who with his brother, Michael, lead singer and song writer, formed Stryper. They recorded five albums and split up in the early 1990s. More than ten years later…they started recording and touring again. And their fans say they sound better than ever.

“I love the fact that they stood by their faith. Stood by the type of music that they play,” said Brian Trunnell who traveled five plus hours from Paducah.

“You know I guess we kind of honored our craft I suppose. We love the drums loud and the double guitar solos,” said Sweet.

When the band played in Hazard some came from all over Kentucky and other states to see them.

“People are going to leave entertained. But they are going to have a clear understanding of what this band is all about,” said McNeill.

What they’re all about is keeping their music..and their message fresh…after all these years.