Greta Van Susteren reacts to night 2 of the Democratic presidential debates in Detroit

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(WYMT) - Wednesday night, 10 more candidates took the stage at the second Democratic debate in Detroit.

Greta Van Susteren, American commentator and former television news anchor for CNN, Fox News, and NBC News., Photo Date: February 22, 2018 / Cropped Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA 2.0 / (MGN)

Gray Television's Chief National Political Analyst and host of Full Court Press Greta Van Susteren joined Will Puckett on the Thursday edition of Mountain News This Morning.

Here's the transcript of their conversation:

Will: Greta, good morning and thanks for joining us again. Yesterday, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker were three of the top people in last night's debate. Who had the best showing out of that group?

Greta: I think Senator Cory Booker had the best showing of the 3, because nobody really laid a glove on him. Vice President Biden, as the front runner, was expected to get a lot of incomings, and he was, he was aggressively gone after by his democratic colleagues on the stage. The interesting this was that Senator Kamala Harris was on the hot seat last night because Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard really pulled her apart on her record as a prosecutor, even saying that she needed to apologize to some people, saying that the fact that there were marijuana convictions when she was attorney general and when she was asked about her own personal use of marijuana, she sort of laughed. There were other things that Tulsi Gabbard did. But clearly in the hot seat last night were Vice President Biden, he had the target on his back because he's a front runner, but also Tulsi Gabbard, but I think the one who would shine the most in a conventional sense is Senator Cory Booker. Although, Andrew Yang got a lot of attention because he's different. He's like Marianne Williamson the night before. People were paying attention because he's different. It was a much more aggressive debate last night. It's still early and now it's on to September when there's a 3rd debate and the requirements are much stricter, so that bench is going to get a lot smaller.

Will: Do you think Kamala Harris saw more attacks last night because of her strong showing following the 1st round of debates?

Greta: Absolutely. If Senator Kamala Harris had been invisible in the 1st debate, there would have not been as much attention on her last night. After the 1st debate, I'm sure all the camps, all of the opposition people gathered research about her. The opposition research is pretty incredible. Think about this: Senator Gillibrand went after Vice President Biden for something from 38 years ago. So these opposition research staff members are busy trying to dig up every possible piece of dirt they can about those people on the stage. The interesting thing though is after you destroy the candidates, there will eventually be one candidate and everyone will have to try to restore the credibility of the one candidate that they spent a year trying to take apart.

Will: Tuesday's debate had a lot of health care and policy talk. What took the center stage last night?

Greta: There was discussion last night about healthcare and immigration, but it wasn't so much about discussing personal policies as it was taking each other's personal policies apart. And, as you noticed, it steered into their backgrounds. This was not quite as much policy-oriented as it was as much to take apart the policies of the people on the stage last night.

Will: Obviously former Vice President Joe Biden is still getting a lot of attention, he's still number 1. Is there the feeling that, at some point, he's going to have to separate himself from former President Barack Obama and start thinking of his own ideas?

Greta: I think tactically, it would be a mistake to separate himself from President Obama. They are attached at the hip. I think President Obama should speak about this. Think about it. President Obama told the country twice, in 2008 and 2012, that if something should happen to him, God forbid, the person that should be one heartbeat away, the person that was best to follow in his footsteps was Vice President Biden. It's unusual that he's not speaking out yet. I think it would help Vice President Biden if President Obama would speak out about him, especially on the issues of race. Vice President Biden is getting criticized for supporting some law enforcement bills back in the 1990s because those bills are now seen in 2019 as resulting in a huge percentage of African Americans being sent to prison. That legislation is being roundly criticized. Think about the suggestion about Vice President Biden if President Obama came out in support of him saying he's a good man and his decision to support the bill in 1994 was one that many people endorsed on both sides of the aisle. Vice President Biden could really use that kind of support from President Obama now. Don't expect it, because it would be unusual for a president to speak out right now at this stage in the process, but it sure would help Vice President Biden. Vice President Biden will not be separating himself from President Obama. He needs him.

Will: Greta, thank you again for joining us today.

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