Grandfather, grandson duo keep volunteer legacy going with Christian Appalachian Project

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Every year hundreds of volunteers spend their spring break in Eastern Kentucky helping community members through the Christian Appalachian Project.

Officials with the organization said this week 116 volunteers are helping complete several projects in our local communities.

A team in Floyd County is spending the week working on upgrades to a home.

One member of the team is Jim Lawrence, who has volunteered with CAP multiple times.

"We came back about three different times from 2007-2011 and then my wife and I volunteered long term for about two and a half years here," said Lawrence.

It all began in 1990 when Lawrence learned of the Christian Appalachian Project.

He said it is the people of Eastern Kentucky that motivated him to volunteer.

More than 20 years later he is back once more to help during Workfest, however, this time is different.

"Caleb's in charge of the project, he's the project manager so I'm working for him," said Lawrence.

His grandson, Caleb Lawrence, followed in his families footsteps and is a long-term volunteer for the Christian Appalachian Project.

"Elderly housing they do decks, ramps, a lot of the smaller jobs, while housing we do everything from the ground up," said Caleb Lawrence.

Caleb Lawrence is in his second year as a lead volunteer.

"It wasn't until after I started coming here that I realized that my father had also been here, so not only had my grandfather, but my father, his son, had been here at CAP for eight or nine months and now me," said Caleb Lawrence.

He said having extra help is nice, but having his grandfather's help is irreplaceable.

Jim Lawrence and the rest of the volunteers will be in Eastern Kentucky until Friday.

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