Gov. Bevin says he is focused on bigger picture ahead of recanvass

Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 7:09 PM EST
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Thursday morning county clerks will begin the recanvass. The recanvass will look into Governor Matt Bevin's claims of voting irregularities.

sat down with Bevin as he waits for an answer in the race.

"It's not likely to change a lot numerically," said Bevin.

Bevin says it is not an attempt to find votes, but for the bigger picture of ensuring integrity in the process.

Wednesday, a group of Bevin supporters talked about various claims and Bevin echoed their calls to make sure things are investigated thoroughly.

"It falls to the board of elections and it falls to the AG's office and to some degree the Secretary of States Office I think that is where some people have concerns. It seems that those who have the responsibility are a little bit conflicted and very nontransparent at this time," said Bevin.

Most of the concerns are not things that are looked at through a recanvass. Things like voter longs, do the number of ballots cast align with the physical amount of ballots in hand.

If the results tomorrow stands as is, Bevin is considering the next steps.

"I'm not...I have to figure out...Let's take it one day at a time," said Bevin.

He says he does not know what the days ahead look like, but his office is working with Beshear's transition team.

"We are also working to make sure there is integrity in the transition process form one governor to the next. Because there are very good odds he could be the next governor. Right now he is numerically ahead and would seemingly be the next governor and if that is corroborated and held up through this process, I will be his number one cheerleader because we want this state to move forward so it is absolutely about the integrity of the process more than anything else," said Bevin.