Food Pantry Director: 'Go take your fish and your loaves and feed the hungry'

Published: Oct. 19, 2018 at 7:18 PM EDT
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Local food pantries ask people to consider giving back when cleaning out their personal pantries at home.

Many dinner tables are covered with food around the holidays but not all.

That is when the Letcher County Food Pantry steps in.

Their director, Vicki Holbrook, says depending on the size of a family, each will get about three days worth of food in a box.

Each box is filled with nutritious food and even a few snacks, thanks to some companies who require large distributors to donate items before they expire.

No matter the situation, Holbrook says their volunteers find a way to feed families of three to even families of 10.

"You know, everybody has a crisis sometimes in their life. You know, their car is broken down. It's major. They don't have enough money for food."

Workers say some visit once a year. Others stop by each week.

And though the funds are scarce, they plan to never let anyone go hungry, especially during the holidays.

"We need it year round but we do have bigger demands," Holbrook said. "People have families coming in and you know, if you got your family coming together for a holiday and you're barely feeding your own family [it is hard] you know?"

She says the month before Thanksgiving is one of the best times to donate.

This pantry alone feeds over 400 a month on a budget close to $1,000.

"It really is important, but if you're looking for a tax write-off and you just want to [give until] the end of the year, donate an amount to a local food pantry or whatever. They are tickled to death to get that and they can decide how it can best be used."

Workers say the pantry is open Wednesday through Friday from noon until 3 p.m.