General assembly passes COVID-19 Relief Bill

FRANKFORT, Ky. (WYMT) - Kentucky lawmakers passed a bill that they say could bring relief to everyone laid off, health care workers and small businesses.

The general assembly passed what they are calling the COVID-19 Relief Bill.

With so many people off work, and the governor's numerous executive orders, Representative Bart Rowland said lawmakers knew they needed to act as well.

"This bill kind of grew in response to different things we could do to help people in this time," said Rowland.

It enhances already passed executive orders allowing unemployment for just about everyone even those who lost part-time jobs. There's also help for some restaurants to become small grocery stores.

"If these folks are really good about making something like bread or desserts, could they repurpose themselves and become sort of a retail outlet for those products," said Rowland.

Often lawmakers are criticized for passing controversial measures in the waning days of the season by tacking on unrelated items to bills. But to pass this, they had to do that.

"So we found a Senate Bill in our possession that had two readings that had to be in the banking and insurance committee," said Rowland.

They basically took out the original language dealing with surprise billing and added a committee substitute for COVID-19 relief.

The bill also asks the governor to tell them in writing when the emergency is over or allows the legislate to declare it over when they return next January.

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