From tragedy to peace, church services conclude Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days

Published: Sep. 22, 2019 at 1:50 PM EDT
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Sunday wrapped up the Hatfield McCoy Heritage Days in Pike County.

The weekend-long event memorializes the history of the iconic family feud.

January 1st, 1888 the Hatfield's set fire to Randolph McCoy's family cabin.

"We murdered two of his children. We beat his wife senseless. That's terrible," recalled Billy Hatfield.

Now, only the well still stands on the McCoy property.

The Hatfield - McCoy feud is a story told across the nation.

"This marks one of the most shameful episodes of any American family's life," Billy said.

Billy and Reo Hatfield are descendants of the original Hatfield family.

"Sometimes you have to fight in the world. But you don't have to fight forever," Reo pointed out.

Against all odds, many years later, the feuding families reconciled their differences.

"I'm the Great Great Great Grandson of Randolph and Sarah McCoy," said Ron McCoy.

Every Sunday after Hatfield - McCoy Heritage Days, Ron told WYMT it is only fitting to connect for a church service.

"We come together in unity as Hatfields and McCoy's together and we celebrate our heritage and we celebrate our common legacy," Ron explained.

A place once filled with tragedy and horror is now a place for unity and peace.

"We've made something positive out of what was a battleground," said Ron.

A motorcoach carrying more than 50 people helped fill seats at the service.

McCoy Well Site officials said they hope to rebuild the cabin in the next few years.