Free bottles of water passed out to those experiencing outages

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MARTIN COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Volunteers in Martin County are passing out bottled water. Many in the county are still experiencing nightly water outages.

Friday morning, thousands of bottles were passed out. Emergency Management Director, Lee Gauze, says their goal is to help the community.

"Oh, it is great, I mean that is what we're here for you know," Gauze said. "As long as we can help people. You know, we do our best with what resources we have."

Gauze says they have passed out more than 20 pallets of water to date. He says each pallet has 48 cases of water and each case contains 24 bottles.

"The pallets of water have been gone in about 30 to 45 minutes," Gauze said.

Albert Smith, Martin County resident, says his water situation is worrisome. He has gone for long stretches without.

"I saw they were giving water out and decided I would stop and get some for me and my son," Smith said. "It is pretty bad. There is low pressure and we didn't even have any all of last night."

Smith says he is thankful for the help.

"It means a whole lot and it is good for the county," Smith said.

Officials say they received 10 more pallets of water Friday afternoon. They will distribute those in the coming days.

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