Foundations team up to bring relief to Blackjewel miners

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LESLIE COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - It has been more than two months since Blackjewel miners received their last paycheck.

For many of them, they have families who are left struggling and reeling, wondering how they are going to pay their next bills.

"Tired. Tired of wanting answers," said Josh Saylor, who worked at Blackjewel's D2 Mine in Leslie County. "We want to get back to work. We would like to get what is due to us."

Saylor's wife gave birth to their fourth child in August. Soon after, his other three kids went back to school, putting an even tighter strain on his family.

"Just keeping it day by day, doing what I can to support my family," said Saylor.

The Leslie County Community Foundation and the Thompson Foundation came together to give the miners and their families $50,000.

"These are hardworking guys, salt of the earth guys and they have just come in and been so thankful that we are able to help," said Joel Brashear, the Chairman of the Leslie County Community Foundation. "From garbage, power, just basic utilities, power bills, we've seen mortgage payments, car payments. Just everyday bills that are piling up for these guys."

The event was held at The Well just outside of Hyden.

The Well is owned by Big Creek Missions. Director Kevin Rogers was more than happy to offer up its coffee shop for the day to help out these men and their families.

"We've heard quite a bit through the news and the local people who are hurting, and when we heard about the opportunity to host this we were very happy to open up our facilities, and blessed to work with the foundation and the bank to host this," said Rogers

The workers and their families each got nearly $600.

For the Blackjewel miners who were not able to make it Thursday, they can call Hyden Citizens Bank and ask for Joel Brashear.

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