Forcht Bank owners donate $1 million dollars to expand university nursing program

WILLIAMSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Terry and Marion Forcht, owners of Forcht Group of Kentucky, donated $1 million dollars Wednesday morning to the University of the Cumberlands, to upgrade their nursing program.

"They offered us a million dollars and we are awful grateful for that," says Brad Hall Assistant to the President.

Hall says that University of The Cumberlands will now be able to purchase equipment that will help students get more in-depth training through their program.

"Mr. and Mrs. Forcht provided a million dollars for the Terry and Marion Forcht School of Nursing," says Hall.

Staff say the $1 million dollars will offer nursing students more opportunity at the university.

"Part of our school of nursing will be located here on the main campus in Williamsburg. With, another section being located out closer to the interstate," says Cailen Baker, Department of Nursing Chair.

Baker says the nursing program is not only expanding, but advancing as well.

"We are going to purchase several high-fidelity simulation mannequins. One of which will simulate all things labor and delivery," says Baker.

Baker says the mannequins simulate real-life reactions and situations, teaching students how to think more critically and learn from mistakes.

Department chairs say with the growing need for nurse positions in the region, the college staff wanted to help students fill those positions.

"With the growing needs of healthcare and the growing needs of our campus and Cumberland, and Appalachia, we wanted to be able to offer more simulation experiences to our enrolled students," says Baker.

University staff say the students are not the only people that will be allowed to train with the new equipment, but local professionals as well.

"We can even bring in other professionals such as OB-GYNs, surgeons, any kind of physician. Physicians assistant, nurse practitioners. So it is really going to be great for inter-disciplinary care and training," says Baker.

Staff say out of the donation, over $300,000 will go to buy the high-fidelity mannequins.

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