Folks in Whitley County get ready for strong dose of winter weather

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WHITLEY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Southern Kentucky could get hit with a strong dose of winter weather this weekend, and this has folks in Whitley County getting ready.

County road crews said all their trucks are ready and customers at local grocery stores are already stocking up in anticipation of a possible storm.

The county judge-executive said all the county trucks are retrofitted with plows and salters, and they have some new equipment they are using this year.

"We feel like we are ready for a big winter storm," said Judge-Executive Pat White, Jr. "We already have our salt delivered for the season, so we have a full salt bin. We are backed up by our state garage. They have salt for us as well."

Crews will be ready to come at a moment's notice, officials said, and will work 12-hour shifts.

"We are very fortunate with the county, we have a really good road crew and really good road foremen," said White. "People who see themselves as public servants who will come out at any hour whenever they are needed."

They will clear nearly 800 miles of county roads, while the state handles the interstate and other US highways.

"Myself and some of the magistrates participate in some of those responses. I usually drive a snowplow every winter," White said. "This year we will have the biggest spread of road equipment that we will ever have. Five trucks that are ready to work and two road graters that will also be out."

At the Houchens IGA, the manager said the shelves are stocked with bread and milk, which are usually the first things to go.

"Everybody is talking about the weather, you know it is coming," said Kayla Abner with Houchens IGA. "Everyone is prepared for it, prepared for schools to be closed, talking about not having to get back out."

Extra help will be called in to handle the rush.

"Going to try to get some more stock boys here in case people need help to their cars," said Abner. "Definitely need more cashiers. It's all hands on deck."

Whitley County officials said they have already used salt twice this year and might have to order additional supplies based on weather later in the winter.

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