Floyd County still at zero cases after misidentified positive COVID-19 result

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PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (WYMT) - Floyd County officials hosted a news conference Thursday after learning that the county was believed to have its first case of COVID-19.

However, according to health department officials, they learned before the conference began that the case is in a neighboring county. Public Health Director Thursa Sloan says the case was reported with a P.O. Box address in Floyd County which caused the error.

She said the department was already following protocols for reporting and researching the case when they found out it was an error. Something that Sloan expects to see more of as the spread continues due to the blurred county lines.

"Numbers can't be exact. You know, and people are getting tackled over those numbers. 'Why did the governor report four cases, but this county didn't report any cases?' It's because of the dynamics," said Sloan. "So, once we have a case, as you can see, we are on top of it."

Floyd County still has not reported any positive cases.

The information about the misidentified positive case will be released by the county of residence when its health department confirms the details. We will have updates on that as they are available.