Flooding damage continues to worry people in Perry County

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PERRY COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - People in Perry County continue to feel the result of flooding and continuous rain.

Headaches continue for people living on Bob Hollow Road as their second temporary bridge washed away.

Sherman Hampton lives on Bob Hollow Road. He says problems with the bridge are impacting his daily life.

"Well, it's not been good. We've had to change the way we do things," said Hampton. "We haven't been able to get enough food, water, and supplies to our house because of all this. You can't hardly pack a lot of stuff across the bridge."

Hampton is not only worried about himself but his neighbors in this situation.

"If we had an emergency right now the only way we are going to get anybody across to the hospital, we are either going to have to pack them across this bridge or get a helicopter in here to fly them out."

Down the road, in Viper, some people are worried about a road break.

Michelle Johnson is concerned about her kids riding the school bus on that road.

"We actually started taking them and picking them up. We will be picking him up this evening and I know the bus driver, she is completely safe and she does the best she can but there's just a worry for me because there are so many children on that bus that are in danger," said Johnson. "It's breaking off and once it breaks off that whole mountain is going to come with her there and it's gonna go on home beneath the road."

We will continue to update you on damage throughout Perry County as we expect more rain in the forecast.

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