Update: Judge makes ruling in fiscal court disagreement

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Magistrates and the judge-executive in Breathitt County will no longer be going to McDonald's for coffee to settle their differences.

Instead, Circuit Judge Frank Fletcher ruled in favor of the magistrates.

The two sides were at odds over Judge Executive Jeff Noble's appointment of a county road supervisor.

Noble wanted to pay the person $55,000, but the magistrates would not agree to the appointment.

Judge Fletcher ordered the two sides to figure things out through fiscal court meetings.

The disagreement between the Magistrates of Breathitt County and the County Judge Executive moved from the Fiscal Courtroom to a Circuit Courtroom, Monday Morning.

The ongoing battle is over Judge Executive Jeff Noble's County Road Supervisor appointment.

The issue is not with the person he has appointed, but with the price he wants the county to pay him.

"We have no problem with his nominee," said Magistrate Donnie Bush. "It's just the money, the money, the money, it's all about the money."

The judge did not make a ruling in Monday's hearing. Instead, he read a passage from a book he has read previously that outlined disagreeing with someone without being disagreeable.

For Noble, he and his lawyer left Monday's hearing a bit confused.

"While we leave this hearing a bit puzzled based on where to go from here based on this judge's interpretation," said his Attorney Derek Jorge Campbell.

The Magistrates walk away feeling they received a small victory.

"Our basic response on behalf of the three magistrates I represent is this is a political question and circuit court judges should not get in the way of letting the fiscal court resolve it, itself," said Ned Pillersdorf the Magistrate's Defense Attorney. "The judge ordered these people to have coffee together and that is the right decision, we do not need to clog up this court with a political dispute."

The Judge did not return a decision but, said instead he would wait and possibly require them to meet twice a week at a restaurant in town and have coffee to sort out their differences.

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