First responders offer free CPR and first aid training

BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Saving lives is easier to do when local fire departments supply the training you need for free.

The Watts-Caney Volunteer Fire Department offered a first aid and CPR class to the public on Saturday, at no cost to them.

Fire Chief Tim Osborne says their job is to respond to emergencies and help save lives but it should also be their job to better equip their community with emergency skills.

It is no surprise that in an emergency, time is limited. But in remote areas, speed can be even more difficult to achieve.

"It's a long time sometimes before first responders can get to the scene of emergencies," Chief Osborne said.

Now first responders are passing on the basic life-saving skills to the public.

"It greatly increases the likelihood of a good outcome," he said.

Mike Osborne, an instructor with the Frontline Training Center, says he teaches each class on how to approach each unique medical situation, then passes on the tools to the class for a hands-on experience.

"CPR covers airway management, cardiac-CPR compressions, [and] AED operations," Osborne said. "First aid covers basic splinting, bleeding control, medical emergencies and how to respond to different types of medical and trauma emergencies."

He says he is happy to see people from different occupations taking notes and preparing for the unknown.

"It could be at 3 in the morning. It could be your neighbor. It could be some of your family members or something like that that gets hurt," he said.

As minutes pass by once 911 is called, instead of just waiting for help, now they too can help someone in their time of need.

"If we can better educate the community in any little way and give something, give something back to them that they've been giving to us and supporting to us after all these years, it's a good thing," Chief Osborne said.

For those interested in joining, Fire Chief Osborne says the event happens around November every year.

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