Fire officials: If you fry your turkey this Thanksgiving make sure to follow the directions

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HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) With Thanksgiving on the horizon, fire officials want everyone cooking to make sure they protect themselves from possible fire dangers.

"Cooking fires make up 40-50 percent of the house fires in the nation," said Tim Caldwell Deputy Chief of the Hazard Fire Department.

Caldwell says HFD will respond to two or three calls every Thanksgiving.

"You know we recommend you have a working smoke detector if you have to leave the room so it can warn you of that. We also recommend you have a fire extinguisher, you know there are also steps to take to cover the fire to put it out if you can and you feel it is safe to do so," Caldwell said.

One thing people do not often think of then they are cooking is the clothes they are wearing.

<"Something that fits properly everyone likes to be comfortable but when you're in the stove it can be a high-risk area," Caldwell said adding to make sure you don't reach over an open flame.

If a fire should spark while you are cooking, never use water to put it out.

"Water could just make that spread and make that even worse," said Caldwell. "Turn the power off, if its gas turn the gas off, if its electric turn the electric off, don't open the door leave the oven door shut."

Finally, Caldwell says if you elect to fry your turkey this Thanksgiving make sure to follow directions so you don't have to call the fire department.

"Putting a frozen turkey into the oil is extremely dangerous so we recommend reading the instructions for you fryer whether it is an outdoor open flame or one of the indoor ones," the Deputy Chief said.

Caldwell says Hazard Fire Department has fire detectors if you need one for your house. He also suggests having a fire extinguisher handy, those can be found at a hardware store.

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