Letcher County father and son host Work Day Wake-Up Show

Published: Feb. 5, 2016 at 11:26 AM EST
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Most father and son time is spent tossing a football or playing video games.

Kevin Day and Larry Kevin Day spend their time together doing something everyone gets to join in on.

The dynamic duo are the hosts of the Work Day Wake-Up Show on WXKQ in Mayking.

"Well I get to sit in and listen to music while I'm having fun giving people information and stuff," said Larry Kevin Day.

Larry Kevin Day - or LKD - has worked at the radio station for awhile but joined his dad on the radio back in October. "Well it was a huge hit from the beginning. He was fantastic. The community embraced him we thought well if it's working on Friday's why not five days a week," said Kevin Day.

Kevin Day said the show is them simply being themselves and sharing their daily lives. Something the listening audience seems to enjoy. "Living life with Larry is an every day experience. He has so many eclectic things in his life that he enjoys doing. So many things he's involved in. There's always a topic of some sort that we can share on the radio and he's so funny," Kevin Day said.

To most listeners they think of Larry as very funny and happy young man. Kevin said that's not always how life was for him. He said Larry had a very tough start to his life. " My wife and I adopted him when he was 11 years old. Larry based on his past should not have the personality, the fun loving personality that he has," said Kevin Day.

Larry is special needs but that is a term that means so little when you have such a shining personality that impacts others. "I strive and I learn a lot from Larry," Kevin Day said.

"My name's Larry Kevin Day I'm on the radio 6 to 10 sometimes," Larry Kevin Day said.

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