Update: Murder suspect's mother believes 1-year-old caused deadly fire

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (WYMT) - Updated 3:15 p.m.
Vaughn Brock is accused of setting fire to his home with his one-year-old son trapped inside. WYMT's reporter talked with Brock's mother, who defended him and has her own theories of what happened.

A state police detective testified about how one-year-old Joseph Cash Brock was found in a washing machine after the fire and how his father ran from the scene and was found several days later. The detective also told the judge that Brock's story does not fit the evidence from the fire.

Brock's mother, Angie Brock, and a family friend came to the courthouse Tuesday with their own ideas of what happened. Angie said Vaughn loved his son and would never do anything to hurt him.

"I think Cash got up and got a hold of one of those butane lighters and the little feller accidentally set the house on fire. I believe that with all of my heart and soul," said Angie. "Vaughn loved his son unconditionally. He would never do anything to hurt his son."

Police said Vaughn ran from the fire and was not found until five days later. Angie has an explanation for that as well.

"He ran. He was scared. He was scared, you all," Angie said in her son's defense.

As for how the toddler ended up in the washing machine, Angie said, "I think he was smart enough to get away from the fire. I think he was trying to get away from the fire."

Brock's case will now go before a Laurel County grand jury on April 19. He remains in jail on a half-million dollar bond.

Original Story
A father accused of murdering his one-year-old son and then setting fire to their trailer home will now go before a grand jury.

Kentucky State Police testified in court Tuesday morning. Vaughn Brock faces charges of arson and murder. He pleaded not guilty Friday.

WYMT learned through court documents last week that the boy, Joseph Brock, was found in a washing machine following the deadly fire. Police are still waiting on autopsy results on how the child died.

Brock's attorney claimed there is a lack of evidence but the judge found probable cause and forwarded the case into the Laurel County grand jury's hands.

You can read more about the deadly fire here.

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