Family of missing woman offers $10,000 reward

Published: May. 10, 2017 at 12:17 PM EDT
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Two years ago, we reported a Knott County woman, Natasha Fugate Jones, went missing.

Her family said they are still searching for answers. They are offering a reward for anyone who knows where Jones is.

"It's just been pure hell is all you can say," said Ola Chaffins, the grandmother of Natasha Fugate Jones.

Chaffins said it has been two long years.

"She left that morning. I had gone to the doctor and when I come back she was gone," said Chaffins.

The family said Natasha Fugate Jones left the house the morning of May 7th, 2015 and never returned. She left behind two young boys.

"She left a note for the boys saying she would be back,” said Chaffins.

But the family is in the same spot with no answers.

"You're just in limbo, you just can't go on with your life like normal people should, " said Chaffins.

Chaffins said they are offering a 10,000 dollar reward to anyone who knows where Natasha Fugate Jones is.

"I feel like somebody knows where she is," said Chaffins.

After working with state police, she said she is not done searching for her granddaughter. She hopes someone will lead her to the truth.

"We love her and we want her home, and we won't ever stop looking," said Chaffins.

State police said, as of now, there are no new updates to the case.